Your Idea

Your Idea

Every business was started because someone had an idea.  These ideas created entertainment for people, solved everyday problems, and some even helped save lives.  You can create a business for whatever reason you want.  That’s the great thing about entrepreneurship.  You are the boss.  However, with great power comes great responsibility.

As the boss, you will be responsible for making sure your employees are paid, all deadlines are being met, as well as resolving any and every issue that pops up with your business.  Owning a business is hard work.  That’s why any successful entrepreneur will tell you to make sure that you are passionate about what you’re doing.  That passion is what’s going to keep you strong during hard times.

Start A Journal

A journal is an excellent way for you to keep track of what’s going on in your business.  You can write down your plans and ideas which can lead to new businesses or new products down the line.  Journals help you organize your thoughts and express yourself when you’re frustrated and can even help you gain perspective when solving problems.  

In your journal, write down your idea(s) for your business.  Then imagine what a successful business centered around that idea would look like. Do you want to be the next Bill Gates and create an operating system that, in three years, is able to compete with Microsoft and Apple?  Do you want to open a food truck that earns $100,000/year?  The sky is the limit… you can do whatever you want!

Help! What If I Don’t Have An Idea?

You want to be an entrepreneur but you don’t have an idea.  No worries! Most businesses solve everyday problems.   Think about issues that you or your friends and family go through that you may be able to solve.  For example, Harvey Kennedy created the plastic aglet which is the thing that goes on the end of your shoelaces and keeps them from unraveling.  This simple invention is used on every shoe around the world!  

Is My Idea Any Good?

The best ideas solve problems or advance society/culture in some way.  The personal computer made it so that every person could have a computing device in their home.  Facebook created the age of social media and now our world is more connected than ever.  However, the best way to see if your idea is any good is to test it.  Try starting a focus group.

A focus group is a diverse group of people who are used to determine the potential success of products.  For example, before a show airs on television it is tested in a focus group to see how audiences will respond.  This allows the network/production company to receive feedback and make changes before it officially airs in front of millions of people.  

Focus groups are amazing in that they allow you to get real feedback on your idea before you start spending money on production.  For example, your product could be great but people like it more in a certain color, or the design is uncomfortable for users.  Focus groups can help you work out these kinks and perfect your idea/products.

Assignment – Get Organized

Buy 2 standard composition notebooks and write daily.  Jot down your hopes and fears as an entrepreneur as well as your goals and ambitions.  Use the second notebook to write down key things that you’ve learned that can be used in your business.  For, example names of reporters or contacts; CEO Jazmin Truesdale of Aza Comics uses her notebook to write down new writing techniques that she’s learned.

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