What is Aza Comics?

Aza Comics/Aza Entertainment is the brainchild of serial Entrepreneur Jazmin Truesdale.  She wanted to create a superhero universe where all women could feel empowered without limitations.

 "It's one thing to tell a girl that she can be whatever she wants.  It's another to actually show her what that looks like."     ----Jazmin Truesdale, CEO





"Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another."

-Toni Morrison

Dare To Be Legendary...

The Dare To Be Legendary program was designed to encourage youth to live with no limitations, particularly girls.  

"I was a girl with a dream.  I turned that dream into a reality through entrepreneurship.  I want to show other girls how to do the same."   ---Jazmin Truesdale, CEO 

The program provides participants with online foundation courses in business so that they can learn how to turn an idea into a thriving business.  The program also educates youth on careers in STEM as well as The Arts.  Students will be able to see the plethora of opportunities that await them.  From doctors to TV producers, our DTBL spotlight showcases amazing women who will also give advice on how students can follow in their footsteps.

At Aza Comics, there is no limit to what a child is capable of becoming.  We're just here to help them along the way.

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