Aza Comics Launches Youth Career Program!

Durham, NC. 05/30/2017 – Aza Comics along with Jazmin Angels & Consulting will  be opening its Dare To Be Legendary Career Program to the public aimed at inspiring youth into careers in entrepreneurship, STEM, as well as The Arts.  “Obviously, I’m on a mission,” Aza Comics CEO, Jazmin Truesdale laughs.  “I have never been more motivated to do anything in my life.  I want to jump start a generation of empowered, knowledgeable youth, especially girls…society desperately needs them.”


Aza Comics is known for its multicultural female superheroes and while the program is open to all youth, the company will specifically focus on inspiring young girls into entrepreneurship and careers in STEM.  The online program will provide basic business knowledge to students as well as internship opportunities and career development resources.  “I want girls to know how to cultivate their ideas,” says Truesdale.  “ I want this program to be a place where they can share ideas and even develop their skills for the real world.”


Aza Comics will be working closely with schools across the U.S. as well as youth organizations to make sure that every child has the opportunity to participate.  With over 60 schools already onboard before fall Miss Truesdale is confident that the program will be a success.  “The response to the program has been amazing.  I have some great partnerships with major brands that are currently in the works that will provide even more resources for students.  I just want my kids to have everything they need to be successful.”
Enrollment for the Dare To Be Legendary Career program is now available on the Aza Comics website!

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