The internet is a wonderful thing.  Thanks to millions of like-minded entrepreneurs there are so many resources at your disposal to help you on your way to success.  With a little practice, you can publish a book using Adobe Creative Cloud, run a clothing line through Shopify, create skits for Youtube, showcase your designs on Instagram, and much more!

*The links below are suggestions.  You DO NOT have to use them.  If you are under 18 years old, make sure you are being guided by an adult.


  • Wix (free and paid options, easy setup; you can design the websites yourself)
  • WordPress (same as wix; free and paid options with easy designing tools)
  • Bluehost (hosting if you design your website from scratch; free installation of WordPress)

Register Your Business

If you plan to LLC or incorporate your business, there are many ways to do it.

  • Find a local lawyer who will walk you through the steps of incorporation
  • IncFile
  • Legal Zoom

Business Bank Account

  • Local Bank (Some local banks offer free business accounts)
  • Paypal (Free Business checking account that connects to nearly all online shops; card readers available for in-person sales; send invoices to clients and keep track of finances)

Online Shops

  • Shopify (create a seller website or use pay buttons if you already have a website)
  • Woocommerce (Free WordPress plugin that allows you to take orders directly from your website)
  • Bigcommerce (allows you to create a seller website for a monthly fee; lots of options for selling through eBay, Amazon, and other places)
  • Volusion (Similar to Bigcommerce and Shopify)

Business Email/Phone

Having a professional email is always a plus.  When you purchase a domain (ex. usually, your email is associated with your business' domain. Example,

  • Your Host (sometimes the company that is hosting your website will offer email services)
  • GSuite (Google offers email services for businesses plus other perks)
  • Gmail, Yahoo, etc. (These are also free email accounts you can use when starting your business)
  • Google Voice (Google provides free phone numbers; use it with your free Gmail or Gsuite account)

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe is the go-to for many designers.  Design posters, clothing, format and publish books, build websites, anything you want.  Be sure to visit the Aza Comics Youtube channel to see the best tutorials for the Adobe Creative Cloud.

*Discounts are available for teachers, students, and schools.

Some Adobe Popular Applications:

  • Photoshop 
  • Illustrator
  • Indesign
  • Premiere Pro
  • After Effects
  • and many other useful tools!

Try using Envato for design templates for all these applications and much more!


Common Book Publishing Platforms

These are the common places where customers go to buy books.  Make sure you read the guidelines carefully.  Some merchants have very specific rules for how you need to format your book.  Some merchants even offer print-on-demand services.

Other sources

  • Grammarly (great for editing and general writing; corrects spelling and grammar of small and large documents)
  • Linkedin (great for connecting with other professionals and building a network to help you achieve your goals)
  • Linkedin Learning (a platform that helps you learn skills from business writing, to graphic design)
  • Vistaprint (print promotional materials like business cards, flyers, posters, etc)
  • Kindle Unlimited (subscription on Amazon that allows you to download unlimited books to your Kindle/PC; use this to read books on any skill you like to learn)
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