DTBL Spotlight: Attorney, Cindy Arevalo

1.  What is your name and profession(s)?

Cindy Arevalo, Attorney

2.  What is your background? Why did you choose your  profession(s) and how did you get to where you are now?

My parents immigrated here in the 1980’s fleeing the Civil War in El Salvador. I was born in Los Angeles but moved to Durham when I was 8. I grew up in Durham and now call it home. I did well in school and went to UNC-CH. When I graduated I took two years off before going to law school. We took a career aptitude in the 6th grade and one of the careers it suggested was a lawyer and it always stuck with me. So I’ve always known I was going to be a lawyer. I went to law school at NCCU. While there I interned at the Durham County District Attorney’s Office. That’s how I got my first job as an attorney. After two years there I decided to make a career change and now I work for a Clinical Research Organization and I negotiate clinical trial agreements (contracts) between pharmaceutical companies and doctor’s offices.

3.  What are your hobbies and interests? Secret talents/skills?

I love to dance! I love specifically to dance to Latin music. I was on the Latinx dance team at [UNC-Chapel Hill] called Que Rico. I also like to read and watch True Crime shows.

4. Who is your favorite female superhero or someone you admire?

Rogue. Rogue can absorb the thoughts but more importantly superpowers of other superheroes so she could theoretically have ALL the super powers.

5. What advice would you give to young girls who would like to have careers in your field?

Work hard and be patient. There were several times where I thought I reach the mountaintop only to realize it was just a cliff and had so much to climb still. I still get frustrated with this even today. Make sure you don’t let where you come from limit where you go. If anything it is an asset. Growing up in Durham has really helped me advance my career. I know how to navigate and be around different groups of people. Lastly, don’t give up.


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