Do I Need A Team?

Do I Need A Team?

Depending on the kind of artist that you would like to be, a team can be absolutely necessary to your success.  For a traditional artist, your employer is your team.  They give you everything you need to do your job and pay you a salary.

For independent artists, your team can vary depending on your industry and what you want to do.  For example, a writer will need a literary agent to help get their manuscript in the hands of major publishers.  Many independent artists have managers and agents.  If you decide to manage yourself it will be absolutely important for you research your industry and understand the business aspect of your industry.

For an entrepreneurial artist, the team you would need will be the same as a typical entrepreneur.  See Starting A Startup.

Assignment – Research

Do you need a manager, a publicist, a literary agent?  Research your industry to determine what kind of team you will need.

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